Sama Sama

Sama Sama means All Together in the Philippines and in Indonesia SAMA SAMA means welcome which is a very fitting concept when it comes to food culture everywhere in the world.

Launched as a result of many years of travelling and passion for cooking. Mariel is  Sama Sama’s chef enjoyed different cuisines and foods from across the globe. 

 Sometimes our lives seem more hectic and we have less time to enjoy our meal which traditionally have been a time to relax, enjoy and catch up.

Let us share with you the Sama Sama experience of enjoying good quality food with your friends and family.  

Our Serives

Home collection – collecting your food from us

Sama Sama offers a wide range of services:

Kitchen Popups – at local and regional events

Private events – such as weddings and parties

Corporate events – having a gathering for work.

Our Team

Mariel grew up in the Philippinnes and after living in Denmark, Hong Kong, Middle East and Norway and trying different cuisines, her passion for cooking has turned into a business fitting for how people enjoy quality food takeaways in this day and age. 

Mariel now calls the UK home and enjoys sharing her experience and knowledge of Filipino and Southeast Asian Food.

Also in this photo is Jadfrey our eldest son who joins us at our events. Another member of the team is Rob who takes the photos.

Home collection

Fri-Sat => 5pm – 8pm

Event Catering

We cater all events from family reunions, to weddings

Popup Opportunity

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